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Juggling Elephants

February 18th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Do you ever feel like your life is so hectic that you are juggling elephants? I just finished a book with just that title. One of my resolutions this year is to be more productive. I want to do a better job of execution.  I know what I want. I know what to do. I need to get better at doing it. This is one of the books I read to help me in that goal.

This book is about being more productive and happy in your life by keeping your life in balance. It is a quick, fun to read book. Juggling Elephants is in the same vein as  Who Moved My Cheese, The One Minute Manager or Fish, in that a story is used to get its point across . The circus is used as a metaphor where, Mark (the dad), talks to a ringmaster at a circus he is visiting with his daughter. The ringmaster teaches him lessons about life by drawing analogies to the circus.

If you read a lot of success literature there is nothing earth shattering or new here, but often hearing a message in a new way is what will make it “click” for us.  This book does a great job of presenting solutions to common issues in a unique way.

 One message I could relate to is “There is no shortage of acts for the Circus” The acts must add value to and compliment the circus. Adding an act that doesn’t fit or is not as good as an existing act makes no sense. So it is with life. We need to prioritize and keep only the most valuable things in our life. We need to replace that which doesn’t fit.

I really enjoyed this book.  It is easy to read, lighthearted and fun. I would rate it four stars. On amazon it is rated 4 1/2 stars, which is actually higher than both Who Moved My Cheese or The One Minute Manager  mentioned above.

Buy it here from Amazon

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  • 1 Michelle // Mar 20, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    “We need to prioritize and keep only the most valuable things in our life. We need to replace that which doesn’t fit.” — right to the point!

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