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Exponential Wealth Conference

April 16th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Do you have a mastermind group?

I am fortunate to be a member of a high level mastermind group. I am continually impressed with the ideas, knowledge, and success level  the members of my mastermind group generate.  Two members of my group are putting on an exciting event later this month, The Exponential Wealth Conference. The conference will be Two days Friday April 24,  &  Sunday  26, 2009 with multiple  speakers,  and jam packed with info. Click here to see the complete schedule

The man who negotiated with Warren Buffett

I am not just telling you about this because it is put on by my friends but also because I know this will be a great event. I know my friend Pete Gauthier is both an excellent negotiator and great teacher of negotiating because I have heard him speak first hand.  Pete Gauthier sat across from Warren Buffett at the negotiating table  during his stint as as a lead negotiator for the Pilots Union.

All the other speakers; Dan Sprietzer – Business coach extraordinaire, Edwin Kelly – Investing in real estate with your IRA, Tom Zeeb – Automating your business are top notch. I have never heard the featured speaker Richard Flint, but my friend Dan assures me I will be impressed.

Business Foundations, Where Every GREAT Business Starts

I am a big fan of education. There is no better place to invest your money than in yourself. When Dan told me about this event I really wasn’t excited about spending another $2-3,000 for a multi-day event. I love these things and they have really helped me succeed to a high level but hey right now it’s just not in the budget. Then he tells me “It’s only $199.00! Whoa, Big Change, it’s now only $49 ! ! !

Sign up here

Some of the Topics Covered Will be

  • Setting up systems
  • Business automation
  • Internet marketing
  • Negotiating
  • Tax free investing
  • Much Much More

Sign up here

The Exponential Wealth Conference: How to Make it, How to Grow it, How to Keep it!

Did you see what I said above. It’s now only $49.00!

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  • 1 Will Harris (5 comments.) // May 12, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    How do I become a part of a mastermind group?

  • 2 Ned // May 14, 2009 at 10:41 pm


    Thanks for reading, I hope you become a regular here. The mastermind group I am in is closed to new members. I have thought about creating another one because I find them valuable myself and others have expressed interest after reading about it here.

    However you can create your own. Just find some like minded success oriented people. The members don’t all have to be in real estate if that is your goal. Sometimes having members from different backgrounds and goals can be good. The can bring very different skills, experiences, and perspectives to the group.