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Real Estate Terms

Hard Money

High interest real estate renovation loans. These are done by smaller lenders sometimes one man operations for deals traditional lenders will not fund.
Detailed post on  what is Hard Money

High Bid Premium

In Maryland’s Tax sale auction this is an extra fee paid to the county based on your bid. This reduces your interest rate.
Detailed post on High Bid Premiums

Lien Sheet

A lien sheet lists all of the property taxes, water bills, fines,  and other municipal liens against a property.  Detailed post on Lien Sheets

Life Estate

A person known as the “Life Tenant” has complete ownership right in real property  that last only until death.  At time of death of the life tenant the property automatically transfers to another person known as the “Remainderman”  this is most commonly used in estate planning.


A court appointed person or organizations to receive, manage and often dispose f an asset in distress. In Baltimore city this is done under the fire code regulations to get dilapidated buildings into the hands of responsible parties to renovate and bring the property backup to code.  Detailed post on Receivers


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